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Urban Landscape

The Urban Landscape

Landscape photography is my favourite genre because, for me, it is so diverse. From a heroic image of a mountaintop rising above a snow-covered forest to a gritty surreal image of the contents of a rubbish sack, landscape photographers have tried to understand the world we live in.

The landscape movement is always evolving, searching and exploring our world in different ways. Some photographers use the landscape medium to show us how man is killing the planet, how man is changing the planet. The commercial greed of man shapes our planet replacing grass with concrete and forests with shopping malls.

Some photographers explore the micro views of our world. They study minute stories that are too subtle and small to normally appreciate. Like burn marks on bus shelter seats left by the endless stream of commuters who stub out their cigarettes before hurrying to board a bus or the flaking paint from a weathered sign that reveals a natural beauty in decay.

Some photographers show how people interact with the landscape. From the powerful and sarcastic images of tourists standing next to historic ruins to the poetic innocence of children playing in the water spouting from a burst water main.

Me? I just take pictures of the places I see.